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A bond as Old as Time...


About Us

Hunter and Hound Supply Co. are a Melbourne based company for humans and canines alike. We celebrate the bond between humans and their best friend; the dog. They love us more than they love themselves; their loyalty is indiscriminate, their unconditional devotion eternal. Now we can show the same love back, with a unique range of matching apparel for both the Hunter and the Hound.


Our Products

Inspired by urban themes, Hunter and Hound Supply Co. produce quality, locally designed products for active, adventurous humans and their dogs. Our products are classic, simple, and undeniably awesome. 


HUNTER + HOUND PROVIDE A unique range of matching apparel for both the Hunter and the Hound.


The Nordic Collection

Inspired by Scandinavian design, our Nordic collection is simple yet stylish. These showstoppers are a must have. With soft hues and natural materials, this collection will have your best buddy out styling them all.


The Lumberjack Collection

The lumberjack collection was inspired by the famous buffalo plaid print, a timeless design that has been worn for over a century. Word on the street is that no self-respecting, gun slinging cowboy would ever be seen without wearing it. This legendary print is for the adventurer and their loyal canine.


The Gypsy Collection

This one is for all the fashion forward fleabags. Vintage inspired, the Gypsy collection will have you and your pooches gaining ultimate street cred in no time.


The Soho Collection

Smart but not overstated, the Soho Collection is one for the quietly styled who likes to make a fashion statement while remaining timeless.